World Champs standard Helen Pryer

July 2009

New P.B as Helen achieves World Champs qualifying standard! more>

England International Helen Pryer

May 2009

England Call-up for Helen! more>

Silver-Medallist Helen Pryer

Feb 2009

First major international call-up for Helen at world-televised British Indoor Grand Prix! more>

Helen in Action

Dec 2008

Helen seeks sponsor as Linford Christie backs her for big time. more >

Helen Winning

Sept 2008

Helen set for international-stage after record-breaking season. more >


Sept 2007

It's official - Helen Pryer is one of the 'Most-Improved' Track and Field Athletes in the UK after landmark season! more >


June 2007

Helen Pryer puts Olympic finalist in the Shade more >


May 2007

Helen achieves amazing comeback under new coaching team….…With her BEST EVER start to an athletics season! more >

New P.B as Helen achieves World Champs qualifying standard!

World Champs Standard Helen PryerA stunning run against a world-class field in the Internationales Leichtathletik-Sportfest in Cuxhaven, Germany on July 22nd earned Helen her third personal-best time of the year and produced her first ever qualifying time for the World Athletics Championship B standard criteria.

Indeed, Helen’s impressive performance of 23.20s came as she defeated USA elite 200m star ChaRonda Williams – selected to represent the elite USA team in the forthcoming World Athletics Champs!

Helen now ranks as the 4th fastest 200m runner in the UK – a career-high national ranking for Helen – and she currently stands as the only athlete in the current 2009 UK 200m Top-Ten rankings yet to be selected by UK Athletics to represent the UK in a major championships to date.

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England Call-up for Helen!

England International Helen PryerIn-form elite sprinter Helen Pryer earned her second major international call-up of the year – this time to represent England in the International Loughborough Athletics meeting on May 17th.

Helen’s call-up follows a very successful winter season in which she performed in her first world-televised event at the international British Indoor Grand Prix following a silver-medal winning performance in the 200m European trials in February.

Helen - who is mentored by Olympic legend Linford Christie - is delighted with her excellent run of form and hailed her expert support team:

“I’m so pleased to have earned my England call-up at the start of the outdoor season this year and it’s all thanks to the hard work I’ve put in over the winter with my expert specialist team – my winter training has been my best ever!”

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First major international call-up for Helen at world-televised British Indoor Grand Prix!

Silver-Medallist Helen PryerA personal-best silver-medal winning performance at the European Indoor Trials earned Helen her first major international call-up of her career to the world-televised British Indoor Grand Prix a week later.

Helen was in scintillating form in the European trials on February 15th – producing a new personal-best indoor time of 23.62 secs in the 200m final and taking home the silver medal after a closely fought finish with former Olympic finalist Donna Fraser.

UK Athletics bosses then duly rewarded Helen for her swift performance from one of the tighter inside lanes with her first-ever call up to a world-televised event in the international British Indoor Grand Prix on February 21st.

Indeed the magnitude of Helen’s silver-medal trial’s winning performance was all the more impressive as the 200m indoor race has been scrapped at both the European and World championships due to the unfair disadvantage athletes in the extremely tight inside lanes receive!

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Helen seeks sponsor as Linford Christie backs her for big time - Dec 2008

Sprinter Helen Pryer is heading for the big time – that’s the verdict of former Olympic 100m champion Linford Christie.

Helen has joined forces with Olympic legend Linford Christie as she bids for international glory in 2009 and she is seeking sponsorship to help her complete her deserved move to international competition abroad.

Indeed, 1992 Olympic champion Christie is convinced she has the quality needed to be a success against the world’s best:

“Helen has tremendous potential; it’s been really exciting to see her progression in the past couple of years and there’s clearly so much more to come as her recent training progress has been phenomenal with me.

With the right backing, I’m confident it is just a matter of time until Helen firmly establishes herself amongst the world’s best sprinters”.

Her record-breaking domestic performances in 2008 have seen her selected by UK Athletics to perform abroad next season but she has been told she will need to fund herself for international competition.

So she is on the lookout for much-needed sponsorship to help her cope with the expenses needed to compete at the highest level.

Click here to read the full story as featured in the Wokingham Times and Reading Chronicle

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Helen Pryer set for international-stage after record-breaking season - Sept 2008

Elite sprinter Helen Pryer is set to complete a deserved move next year to regular international competition abroad after a breakthrough 2008 season of record-breaking 200m performances. Helen, whose recent results inspired Linford Christie to offer his mentorship, claimed the biggest prize in the UK domestic athletics league recently winning the season-ending 2008 'UK Golden Challenge' prize - awarded to the most consistently successful British-League based athlete of the year.

The prize follows the sprinter's most successful domestic season to date. Her success includes the national 200m titles in the UK Challenge and Inter-County Championships, a Championship record at the Surrey County Championships and a scorching personal-best time of 23.29s in the BAL Cup Semi-Final in July, where she took more than a quarter of a second from the longstanding Windsor Stadium 200m record.

Helen's performance means she needs to run just 0.09s faster to reach Olympic or World Championship qualifying times. Her recent selection by UK Athletics bosses to perform abroad next season against world-class opposition thus gives her an excellent chance to step-up beyond this level on the international stage.

Helen attributes her progression to the help of her support team. "Team Pryer" includes sprint coaches Linford Christie and Tony Seville, Corrective Exercise Consultant and Osteopath Matthew Wallden from the international CHEK institute, life performance-coach Gill Harvey-Bush, physical trainer John Shirley from Kinetic Personal Training and medical director Jim Adkins and staff from the Berkshire Physiotherapy Centre:

"My progress over the past two seasons has been fantastic and it's thanks to the hard work I've put in with my new team of specialists. But now I need to perform regularly abroad against the world-elite as I'm just a fraction of a second away from Olympic and World Championship qualification standards; the international experience I can gain next season will help me to step-up beyond that level. It's exciting as representing my country in the World Championships next year and beyond would be my ultimate dream".

Indeed Helen, who at 29 appears to be a late-developer, is adamant her best is still to come: "We're all absolutely certain I'll be faster again next season as I'm gaining strength and speed at a faster rate than I ever have - just look at Linford for someone who peaked well beyond my age - he won Olympic gold at 32 and that'll be near 2012 for me!"

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It's official - Helen Pryer is one of the 'Most-Improved' Track and Field Athletes in the UK after landmark season! - Sept 2007

Sprinter Helen Pryer capped her successful comeback after two years of injury-misery and personal bereavement with an official national award from UK Athletics. The 28 year-old elite British sprinter was officially recognized as one of the 'Most-Improved' track and field athletes in the UK after a groundbreaking season in 2007.

The award comes after an exciting few months of competition in which Helen has climbed over 40 ranking places to enter the UK 200m sprinting elite. Helen achievements have included a season's best performance at the Bedford International Games where she beat former Olympic finalist Donna Fraser, a debut showing at the London Grand Prix in the UK Athletics world-class development race and a subsequent season-ending win in the UK National Challenge final on her debut appearance. She has now set her sights on further improvements next season after eradicating her injury-blues under her new training team's expert guidance:

"I'm delighted to receive the national 'Most-Improved' award as it shows just how far I've come in the past season; it's all thanks to the expert help from my new support team. Now I can't wait for the winter training season as I know there are huge progressions to come!"

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Helen Pryer puts Olympic finalist in the Shade - June 2007

Elite sprinter Helen Pryer continued her phenomenal comeback from injury and personal bereavement with success in the 200m at the Crystal Palace and Bedford International Athletic Games on June 17th and 10th respectively.

28-year-old Helen jostled with former Olympic finalist Donna Fraser and last year's Commonwealth games finalist Laura Turner for her place in the medal positions in both competitions. Helen finished in a hard-fought 3rd position at Crystal Palace and left seasoned international Fraser in her wake at the Bedford International Games to finish in a hugely impressive second place behind the in-form Turner.

Helen's quickest time of 23.72s, ran at the Bedford games, represents another landmark performance, marking the fastest time in her career so far she has run into a head-wind, and is her second fastest time ever.

The sprinter's recent success firmly establishes her amongst the top-ten UK sprinting elite and continues her phenomenal rise to the top following two injury-plagued years and the sad loss of her mother to cancer in 2005.

Helen (left) has jostled for her place in the medal positions in the past 2 elite competitions with former Olympic finalist Donna Fraser (middle) and Commonwealth finalist Laura Turner (right)

Click here to read the full story as featured in the Wokingham Times.

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Helen Pryer achieves amazing comeback under new coaching team….…With her BEST EVER start to an athletics season! - May 2007

Helen Pryer recently banished her injury-plagued past two years with her most impressive start to a season yet. Helen, 28, rolled back the years on Sunday 27th May at the National Inter-County Athletics Championships in Bedford with a well-earned 2nd place in the 200m-sprint event. Helen's quickest time of 23.99s, ran in the semi-final in miserable wintry conditions, marks the first time in her career that she has run under 24 seconds into a head-wind and heralded the start of her impressive return to form.

Helen's success comes hot on the heels of her best-ever performance at the recent Surrey County Championships with her impressive wins in both the 100 and 200m sprints. Helen's times of 11.94s (100m) and 24.00s (200m) were the fastest times run by any athlete at any of the recent county championships in England and are narrowly short of her personal bests set against international competition nearly 3 years ago.

The sprinter's performances have been all the more impressive given the torrid previous two years she has endured when she lost her mother to cancer and acquired a catalogue of incessant injuries.

Helen's recent incredible return to form has thus meant she has shot up 30 places through the rankings overnight to re-enter the top-ten in UK sprinting for the first time in almost three years!

Helen attributes much of her recent success to the hard work she has put in over the winter months with her new coaching team of specialists that includes strength and conditioning coach John Shirley, track coach Tony Seville and rehabilitation specialist Jim Adkins:

"When I came to my new specialist coaching team I was immensely upset by the lack of success my injuries had brought me over the previous two years. One injury just seemed to lead to another and I had begun to feel absolutely helpless. The specialists performed an intensive assessment and we started a very specific program of corrective exercise and strength training that has culminated in me enjoying my best ever start to a season…

… The new training format has been so instrumental in getting me to the top that my team have enabled me to fully recover from my injuries (I now never experience back pain); what's more, they have also given me a strength and power base that's better than I've ever had! Now I can't wait for the rest of the season as I feel the best is still to come!"

Click here to read the full story of Helen's comeback "Against all the odds" as featured in the Wokingham Times.

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